Sunday, September 19, 2004

Healing Begins Within

Before we can have the wholeness and well-being we desire, we must heal from within.
Just as peace begins within, so does the healing from whence peace and wellness are born.

How do you heal what is not real?
To heal, be aware of what is calling for attention, forgiveness, correction or right perception.

Wherever there is upset, there is a healing need.
Wherever there is a physical, emotional, mental, financial or relationship crisis, there is a call for healing.
Wherever there is judgment, there is a call for forgiveness.
Wherever we experience unloving feelings, there is a call for love.
Wherever we feel conflicted, there is a call for clarity.
Wherever there is fatigue, there is a call for rest.
Wherever there is hunger and thirst, there is a call for satiety.
Wherever there is a lack of kindness, give the kindness you seek for yourself.
Wherever there is lack of faith, be willing to believe in a greater wisdom and power and love.

Yes, it is this simple.
Give yourself the help you need.
Do not wait or procrastinate.
Do not blame or condemn the past.
Do not distract or try substitutes.
Give yourself what you really need now.

What confuses is the belief these experiences are calling for external cures.
When we believe in external causes (parents, past, politics, pollution, etc.) we rely on external solutions.
When we know we are responsible for our responses to what we experience, we choose differently.
When we accept responsibility for our whole lives, we choose to encourage our learning and wisdom.
When we realize we are teaching with our words and actions, we choose to heal and find the good.
When we understand peace begins within each one, we accept the call to extend only peace.
When we commit to live our faith and give our love, no one and nothing is exempt from our blessing.
When we are healed, we are not healed alone.
When we find our way home, everyone is blessed with a conscious living example.

All are healed when we heal our own mind.
Beginning now and now again,
Betty Lue