Sunday, August 08, 2004

Loving You

In order to love you, you must know you.
To know you is to be willing to know all about you.
Wherever we are hiding from ourselves, we cannot know who and what we really are.

Most folks hide their “yucky” stuff.
Some folks dwell on their ’Yuck” and hide the “good stuff’.
To know it all and accept it all, is to love all of you.
To truly know you is to totally love you.

Wherever we condemn ourselves, we block the flow.
Wherever we criticize ourselves, we shut down.
Wherever we blame ourselves, we withhold our love.
Wherever we deny ourselves, we feel deprived.

Love is an inside job.
Feeling loved comes from truly loving all of ourselves.
Believing we are loveable comes from accepting all of ourselves.
When we wholly love who we are, as we are, we can unconditionally love others.

When we know ourselves and accept all we know, we are open to intimacy.
When I allow you to “see into me”, I am free.
With nothing to hide, I am free to be me.
With no reason to hold back, I give all that I Am

In truly giving, I am really living.
In totally giving, I come to see the gift of me.
In really giving my all, Life is a joy.
In living freely, I can really be me.

Some of you may not know where to begin…..
Write your story beginning to end and then….appreciate every little bit of it.
Tell your story to therapist or trusted friend and let their love for you sink in.
Journal each day the way you think and feel and act and let the spirit in you come through.

You are loved, warts and all.
You are loved, mistakes and flaws.
You are loved, at your worst and your best.
You are loved, so let yourself rest in Love, too.

Loving you,
Betty Lue