Friday, August 06, 2004

Everything is a Part of Everything Anyway

“Happiness runs in a circular motion.
Love is like a little boat upon the sea.
Everything is a part of Everything Anyway.
You can have it all, if you let yourself be.”

This fun group chant reminds us of the Truth of our Reality.
Everything works together for good.
Our upsets and illnesses, accidents and losses are wakeup calls.
Our awakening shows us how all things work together for Good.

When I ask for help, I open to receive the help that is given.
When I want to be right, I resist help and deny the help that is available.
When I ask, “Why?” I want to find and fix the cause.
I could ask, “How am I to respond?” or “What can I learn?”
And be open and willing to se and hear and know.

The creative power of the universe is synergistic. All things work together.
The mind and the body and the energy of Spirit are part of a greater Whole.
This unified field of consciousness is playing out the great Awakening for us all to see.
When we take response-ability for what we experience, we are playing our conscious part.

No one’s illness is separate from us.
No one’s pain goes unfelt by all.
No war belongs only to the countries involved.
No one’s tragedy belongs solely to those involved.
We are all in this together. Everything is a part of Everything.

How we respond with our thoughts, our words and our deeds is our response-ability.
Are we compassionate and understanding, or do we turn away in denial?
Are we helpful and offering heartfelt service or do we make excuses for our busyness?
Are we respectful and appreciative of others’ courage and learning or do we mock, blame or ignore?
Are we willing to respond to the fear with love and the pain with comfort?

I am aware of a statement made….”There but for the Grace of God Am I.”
And so it is, there I AM.
Our happiness lies in giving and receiving happiness.
Our peace lies in finding and extending peace from within.
Our Essence lies in shining forth the Love we are.
So it is, that I Am born again, renewed in Spirit and in Joy.

Loving you,
Betty Lue