Thursday, August 05, 2004

Easy to Blame

It is easy to blame the doctor.
It is easy to blame the war.
It is easy to blame our politicians.
It is easy to blame our parents.
It is easy to blame the environment.
It is easy to blame our partners.
It is easy to blame our job.
It is easy to blame our finances.
It is easy to blame ourselves.
And where does blame get us?
Making someone feel guilty is an attack.
Blaming ourselves causes guilt.
Blame does not motivate.
It offends the one being accused, judged and attacked.
It creates either counter-attack and our personal version of war,
Or it creates withdrawing love, withholding gratitude and blinding our true perception.

Is it so difficult to take responsibility?
Is it hard to look for ways to respond?
Is it possible the answer always lies within me?

When I see something that needs doing or calls for attention, I ask…simply…
What can I do?
How can I help?
What is the right response?
What would Jesus or Buddha or Mother Theresa do?
What does the Voice of Spirit within me invite me to do to respond?
How can I forgive and erase my judgments, so I can hear what will support the Highest Good for All?
How can I release my negativity and fear, so I can be clear?
What is the way that I would want to be treated, if I were in their shoes?
What am I willing to do right now for the good of all concerned?

You see, I am willing to be effective.
I want to bring a gift of healing and enlightenment.
I choose to give my very best.
I am here to be truly helpful..
Therefore, I am unwilling to cast stones, when I want forgiveness for my mistakes.
I refuse to judge, when I can see that my world is caught in darkness and fear.
I honor my response-ability to give the best I have even “to the least of these.”
For it is in giving that I receive.
It is in pardoning that I am pardoned.
It is in extending peace that I find peace within.

I would rather give my best than forsake my spiritual right, responsibility and freedom.
I give myself to Love and Love returns to me.
In loving, I am free.
Betty Lue