Sunday, August 01, 2004


This is my birthday month, and so I am called to look at mywhole life.
This life is mine to cherish and use or to abuse and discard.
This life is mine to enjoy and fulfill or to criticize and ignore.
This precious life is mine.
Each day is mine to use as I choose.
What a gift of absolute and total trust in who I am.
Our creator must really believe in us.

The inner voice, our conscience of guilt, or our inspired voice of hope…we choose what we believe.
Paths of self pleasure and suffering, human love and caring…we choose which one we walk.
Being alone, separate and often lonely or being together, joined and in love….we choose our mates.
Consumed by fear, fighting and fantasy or welcoming inspiration, peace and joyful living…our choice.

I spend sometime everyday surveying the landscape of my life.
I choose the ground on which I build my home base, the hills I climb and the friends I invite to join me.
When I make mistakes as all must do to learn, I enjoy the learning and I value my freedom to choose.
Our lives are too rich to put into a vault, to be hidden and saved.
Our lives are too brief to be wasted on wanting.
Our lives are too important to be given away to another’s direction.
Our lives are too precious to be treated with disrespect and dismissal.

Every day is a gift.
Each life is important.
Each one is integral to the whole.
Each creation is to be honored.

How I spend my birthday month..and more…is to ponder the value, the virtues, the learning, the gifts.
How I spend sometime every day is to ask within, “Who Am I ?”
How can I give the gift of myself more fully and freely?
How can I spend this day and everyday with full appreciation for All I have received and All I am giving?
I am here to receive and fully give the messages I receive.
I am here to be fully present to what is mine.
I can only clean my own inner house.
I am not to clean yours.
I can only sing my songs and encourage you to be true to you.
I can only be the whole being I Am and to play my part without doubt or fear.

Let this be your rebirth Day.
We all have been given a rare and awesome gift by a Loving source.
Unwrap and enjoy the gift you are.
Give yourself the gift of being fully Present and receiving the precious Presence.

You are a treasure to me,
Betty Lue

You are invited to a celebration on August 16 where we share fun, friendship and our favorite potluck foods. Email me if you would like to join in the festivities. There will be a special inspiring game, sharing of our favorite wrapped treasures so everyone gets a gift or two.