Friday, June 11, 2004

Love No Matter What

Life is a gamble.
Love is a risk.
Faith restores the promise of Goodness.

Who do you trust?
How do you trust?
What have you let defeat you?
Who have you allowed to deplete you?
What can you do to be true to you?

Is your attitude the result of your worldly experiences?
Or do you create the happiness you seek from within?
Is your energy the result of how people treat you?
Or can you treat people with respect and kindness anyway?

Do you trust in the world’s idiosyncracies and uncertainty?
Do you trust that all people will give their best all the time?
Do you trust that everyone’s promises will be kept?
Do you assure yourself that you and others will never make a mistake?
Do you believe people will do what they say and know what they are doing?
Do you make up that leaders should always make good decisions?
Are you sure that life will be generous and helpful and forgiving?
Sounds good, but is it what you are here to trust?

I am a believer.
I am trusting and trustworthy.
I am generous and kind.
I am unselfish and helpful.
I am forgiving and committed to love no matter what.
And I have made mistakes.
I have been foolish and ignorant.
I have made choices without due consideration.
I have promised what I cannot give.
I have left when others wanted me to stay.
I have not always fulfilled my commitments.
I have expended money and time needlessly.

And I trust myself and I trust You.
I trust the Good in me and the Good in you.
I believe in the power of Love to heal all things.
I know there is a world beyond this world where all are equal in the eyes of God.
I feel how good it is to forgive all mistakes and love again.
I choose to give my best so I can encourage you to do your best.
I value speaking my heartfelt truth and listen to yours with my heart open to you.
I am learning to forgive ignorance, neediness, greediness, mistakes, unkindness and disrespect.
I am willing to forgive irresponsibility, irreverence, violent thoughts and actions.
I am trusting that like me, we are here to learn to forgive this insane world of separation and attack.
I believe that we are here together to remember what it is to let go and love again no matter what.
I know that as I forgive wrongdoing and ignorance and believe in goodness and mercy, I feel happy.
I find my wholeness and strength, my courage and generosity in achieving an inner state of wholeness by perceiving the wholeness and holiness in you and everyone everywhere.
Yes, It requires faith…but I am here to strengthen my faith.
Yes, it requires trust, but I am here to perfect my trust in God and that essential Goodness in which and for which we are all created.
Yes, it requires hope, lighting my path with the miracle of forgiveness, clearing all judgments, all regrets and all guilt, so I can return to LOVE.

I am here to Love You anyway.
After all is said and done.
It is only Love that heals me and you and our world.
And I am here to be a Healing Presence.
Therefore I choose to LOVE NO MATTER WHAT.

Loving us all anyway we are,
Betty Lue