Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Clearing My Mind

When I am cloudy, my mind is calling for clearing.
When I am confused, my mind is calling for focus.
When I am upset, my mind is calling for peace.
When I am afraid, my mind is calling for trust.
When I am controlling, my mind is calling for freedom.
When I am stuck, my mind is calling for creativity.
When I am judgmental, my mind is calling for forgiveness.

The most valuable gift I have to give is a mind that is clear and filled with the Light of God and a delight in Goodness.

If I am having a cloudy day, I must blow away the clouds of fear and doubt, guilt and blame, sorrow and regret,
with forgiveness and release.
Wherever I am holding judgments of myself, of others or of the world, I am holding particles of dust in front of my eyes.
My judgments create what clouds my mind.
Forgiveness is the wind of purification that cleanses my mind.
Letting go releases me to see the Light and to be the Light I Am.
Today and everyday I choose to practice the art of letting go by forgiving everything and everyone.
I need not understand anything.
I need not analyze “Why” or ask “Who?”
I need only let go.

I forgive all judgments…yours, mind and ours.
I forgive the judging mind.
I forgive unloving perceptions.
I forgive regrets and guilts.
I forgive worry and fear.
I forgive negative thinking.
I forgive confusion and complexity.
I forgive disorder and chaos.
I forgive uncertainty and doubt.
I forgive war and violence.
I forgive sickness and death.
I forgive cruelty and harmfulness.
I forgive media and politics.
I forgive unfairness and prejudice.
I forgive compulsions and addictions.
I forgive forgetfulness.
I forgive hanging onto old painful stories.
I forgive darkness and despair.
I forgive disrespect and irreverence.
I forgive carelessness and laziness.
I forgive unwillingness and stuckness.
I forgive resistance and stubbornness.
I forgive separation and loneliness.
I forgive whatever troubles you and me and us.
I forgive all things and all people.
I forgive myself.
I forgive blaming and making wrong.
I forgive teaching unhappy songs.
I forgive the “reality” of insanity.
I forgive unnecessary drugs and surgery.
I forgive doing what is ordinary and homogenized.
I forgive taking and not giving.
I forgive not celebrating what is wonderful.
I forgive adulterations.
I forgive seriousness.
I forgive unconsciousness.
I forgive arguing.
I forgive pettiness.
I forgive disinterest and boredom.
I forgive everything we made up that is not of God and Good for All.
I forgive comparison.
I forgive trying to be better than others.
I forgive excuses and justifications.
I forgive hurting ourselves and each other.
I forgive scaring ourselves and others.
I forgive pushiness and impatience.
I forgive not asking clearly for what I want.
I forgive not being happy.
I forgive limiting myself and others.

This is a short list.
My 30 days to enlightenment program includes 30 forgivenesses written and/or spoken every morning. followed by 30 choices.
This is a way of clearing the mind so that God and Goodness can then fill an empty mind to allow the Son (Sun) to shine through you in all you do.
At the end of the day it is best to rest with 30 gratitudes expressed to the Source that lives and gives in you and through you.

Loving you,
Betty Lue