Monday, May 31, 2004

“What exactly do you do, Betty Lue?”

Truth Cannot Be Explained.
It Must Be Experienced.
While words cannot explain what I do, I will try to give words to what is true for me.

My work with individuals-—whole life coaching and spiritual counseling— is extending Love and Healing.
Love is freedom and trust.
Healing is letting go of all beliefs in lack, littleness and limitation.
Healing is seeing what is healed and whole, good and true.
Healing is focusing on what you can do to make your own dreams come true.
This is my life work and my purpose here in everything I Am and do.

Vision- I see a world in which all are free to fully express and experience, consciously create and celebrate whatever they choose.
I see love and joy, peace and goodwill for all.
Mission- To inspire us all to our authentic Greatness, to be, do and have what is for the Highest Good.
Purpose- Live joyfully and give abundantly, spiritually guided and well-provided.
Principles- Take impeccable care of my whole Self with gratitude and joy.
Respect all equally.
Give only the Highest Good.
Learn from everything.
Erase (forgive, forget and let go of) what is not valuable.
Freely share the Gifts of Spirit. (Freedom from fear, faithfulness, trust, honesty, patience, generosity, open-mindedness, defenselessness, joy)

What is my work? How does it work?
As coach and counselor, I really step into your journey and your life.
I walk with you and listen to your beliefs and perceptions.
I see the limiting beliefs, the unconscious myths, the historical patterns.
I help you see your whole life and your possibilities differently, more expansively.
I facilitate choices and changes to be grateful, happy, effective and on purpose.
This may mean changing external circumstances , but usually it means changing how we perceive and judge our lives.
I ask about spiritual beliefs and where you place your faith. Who and what do you trust?
I ask what you want for your life.
I ask how you make decisions.
I ask about high points, moments of connection and fulfillment and how you can have more of those.
I listen deeply to your unspoken questions and discouragement and seek to help you find meaning and inspiration.
We work together to facilitate your path to focused choices for meaningful and effective living.
We walk together, as we work together.
I am here to facilitate your discovery of greater possibilities in the game of life.
I am here to encourage and support any choices and changes you decide to make to experience fulfillment and success.

Loving you,
Betty Lue