Thursday, April 22, 2004

What is Limiting You?

Do you want to fit in?
Do you want to be liked?
Do you want to be like others?
Do you want to be acceptable?
Do you want to receive compliments and approval?

Have you learned from life not to be different?
Have you learned from your family to not make a spectacle of yourself?
Have you learned how to go unnoticed or make yourself invisible?
Is it important not to be different?

In our society there is a melting pot attitude which homogenizes us all into the common or ordinary.
To be extraordinary requires standing out and being outstanding.
To be successful requires a willingness to be different than the norm.
To be average, above average, mediocre may be a good defense from being singled out.
To fit in, belong to a group and conform to the values of your associates may help avoid discrimination.
We tend to become more similar to those with whom we live, work and associate.
We tend to follow the values and norms of our society.
We tend to agree in order to avoid confrontation and arguments.
We tend to judge those who are opinionated and different.
We fear the judgments of others when we have different ideas and opinions.
What we judge in others we fear in ourselves.

To be conscious, we will be different.
To love unconditionally, we will be different.
To be consistently happy, we will be different.
To listen within, we will be different.
To be inspired and inspiring, we will be different.
To take impeccable care of ourselves, we will be different.

Are you willing to love and accept how different you are?
Are you willing to affirm and encourage your uniqueness?
Are you willing to seek and appreciate diversity in others?
Are you willing to stand out and be outstanding?
Are you willing to become truly extraordinary?

Others may judge, be jealous, criticize and avoid you.
Others may have difficulty relating to you.
Others may reject, betray and misunderstand you.

Are you willing to be unlimited in power and peace?
Are you willing to be conscious, responsible and free?
Are you willing to enjoy making choices and learn from all mistakes?
Are you willing to dare to be all you are today and everyday?
No matter what others think or say or do…..Be true to the Real unlimited You!

I am loving our differences,
Betty Lue