Monday, April 19, 2004

Missing Pieces

Whenever there is something missing in our lives, we notice.
Whenever there is missed communication, we notice.
Whenever there is upset, we notice.
Whenever we are not sure of our path, we notice.

The discomfort of noticing what is missing is often ignored or denied or covered over with busyness, physical pleasures (food, sex, exercise), or preoccupation with other problems and concerns.

I have been noticing very few emails from you, my loving reminder friends.
I have consistently sent loving reminders out for over five years.
I could feel something had changed, but didn’t know what.
It appears that a substantial number are not being received. (hundreds probably)
Instead of responding to my inner knowing, I made excuses and quickly covered over my noticing.

If you look on my website, , you will find all the reminders posted on the day they are sent out. If you do not receive them, could you let me know so I can clarify with your help, the source of the problem and the solution? Blocked spam, lists needing to be less than 99 or certain servers not receiving from mine (Comcast)??
The point is,
When my diet is not healthy, I know.
When my finances are not flowing, I know.
When any relationship is ‘scritchy’, I know.
When my home environment is a distraction, I know.
When my spiritual connection is not solid, I know.
When my energy is inconsistent, I know.
When my attitude needs adjustment, I know.
When my writing lacks focus, I know.
When my spiritual vision is not being respected, I know.
When I have forgotten my whole Self, I know.

When we notice, rather than turn away, wait for external rescuing, be distracted or just dismiss our noticing, it is important to acknowledge what we notice and respond with Love and Respect.
Even if we don’t know what to do, the simple acknowledgment of what we notice will strengthen our intuition, awareness, observation and enlightenment.

Notice what is missing.
Then seek fulfillment.

Blessing you and me,
Betty Lue