Friday, April 16, 2004

Loving Our Differences

Some of us are dramatic and some are peaceful.
Some are passionate and some are placid.
Some of us are expressive, some withheld and some silent.
Some of us are courageous, and some fearful and some meek.
Some of us are playful, some serious and some intense.
Some of us are spiritual, some devout and some don’t care.
Some of us are cautious and some are daring.
Some are studious and some spontaneous.
Some are challenging and some are accepting.
Some fight to win. Some just love to fight.
Some would rather lose than hurt another.
Some would rather take a back seat.
Some would rather be nice.
Some feel sympathy and pain for others.
Some are detached and cool.
Some are very mental, while others emotional or kinesthetic.
Some make decisions easily and quickly, while some agonize over every detail.
Some take pride in suffering and surviving, while others seek no pain in thriving.
Some go to God first, while others use God as last resort.
Some seek to right wrongs, while others seek to do no wrong.
Some criticize and complain as a way of life, while others actually see no strife.
Some give more and some give less.
Some are rich in possessions and poor in enjoyment.
Some are poor in investments and rich in fulfillment.
Some have many lifetime lovers and others only one beloved.
Some attract like bees to honey and others seem to repel.
Some are picky and some say YES to whatever comes.
Some are bossy and demanding, while others easily conform.
Some are selfish and take care of “me” only, while others look out for everyone.

Each of us is different…..many paths and many processes.
No need to judge our path, process or practice.
Each one designed uniquely for us.
How amazing life is, filled with an infinite number of options……
Opportunities to explore and find our way to peace and love and joy.

Wherever we go and whatever we do, whether alone or together, we are always choosing our own way. No one can tell another, for we only can come to fully know and guide ourselves.
“To Thine own self be true.” is a humbling life work.
It may take a lifetime simply to know fully love ourselves.
For those who seek union with another, begin within to listen, to truly see and know yourself.
Then fall in Love with the gift of You. And to thine own self…always be true.

Loving you,
Betty Lue