Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Giving Voice

This is my second day with NO voice.
I can whisper with effort and be heard.
I notice how little I need to speak.
I have a life where only with clients and classes do I need to use my voice.
Answering the phone can be done when my voice returns.

What do I give voice to?
My life is my message.
My written words tell my story.
I live my Truth.
I prefer not talking, but action.
I prefer simply doing what needs to be done.
I prefer not explaining or justifying, but just doing it.

While my voice will return, within a day or two…..
I once again dedicate my words to God and Good for All.
I once again give my life to what inspires me and you.
I once again choose to live what is True from within.
I once again will talk less and say more.

Concise may not sound nice.
The verbal packaging will not be cleverly hiding what I want to say.
I will say what I mean and mean what I say.
I will share the highest and best I know.
I will offer possibilities to grow and heal, to choose and create.
I will honor me and you and All by only sharing what you have asked to hear from me.

God knows the message is always for the messenger.
I will listen to, accept and respond to the messages I bring.
I will faithfully honor the inner Voice for giving me what I need to know.
I will celebrate the opportunity to give mindfully the Love I am here to share.

Isn’t life fun?
We are given infinite opportunities to remember, to choose, to live the Truth of Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue