Thursday, April 29, 2004

Gifts of Love

What is the way you want to be loved by others?
Mostly we give what we wish others would give to us.

Most of us really experienced Love in one of five ways:
-Affection and Touch
-Quality Time, being with us with no distractions.
-Acts of Service, being given to by another.
-Gifts and things that are purchased or made for us.
-Affirming words of Love and appreciation confidence and trust.

Take time to reflect on when you really felt most loved by that special person in your childhood.
What did they offer you?
What was there way of demonstrating their love for you?
How do you most feel loved?
What are the specifics? (Exact words, way of being held, special gift, look on someone’s face when they greet you, the way they smell, how the table looks, etc.)

I believe when we want to love our others and ourselves, we need to give ourselves what feels most loving to us. My mother always gave through acts of service. She kept a beautiful home which was clean and orderly, harmonious and peaceful. She prepared meals always as an act of love, giving us our favorites and providing the best in nutrition. She gave freely and lovingly in many ways, but these are the most obvious ways I give to others today. I even clean up my world: .gas station bathrooms, pick up trash when I walk, leave places a little cleaner than when I came. I feel loved by beautiful and nutritious meals on tables set with flowers and conversation that is light and appreciative. My father gave love by believing in me and others. He gave his quality time to be fully present, to listen with a conscious intention of sending a mental message of “You can do it.” “I believe all things are possible with LOVE.” And so I give myself and others positive messages as I spend quality time listening within to my soul’s song. I joyfully give others my faith and my confidence that they can achieve what they conceive and believe and are willing to give their attention, affirmation and energy to. My focus is on the world and how I can leave it a better place, because I came from a family who always emphasized our global family. My parents traveled the world (85 countries) on modest savings and retirement income, often staying in the homes of people they knew through an Exchange student program. They were truly ambassadors of Good Will, creating family wherever they went. Those who know me see that I am a product of all this, just done in my own way. I totally appreciate the gift of their example.

Today I can see how the love I give is usually not with gifts, but with my time and energy.
I can see how I take special effort to create a beautiful and harmonious home.
I see how I love people by giving them my time and my belief in them.
I can see how I serve people the best I know in healthy meals for the body and wisdom for the soul.
I can see how much I give what I have valued receiving.

What have you valued in receiving?
Let go of focusing on what you have not received.
Value what you have been given with Love.
Give with Love what you value.
Your mind, body and Spirit will be prospered.

Loving you as I give to you the best I know…..
Betty Lue