Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Always Loving You

Each one is important to the Good of the whole.
It is not enough to wish we could or to try to be.
It is imperative that we give ourselves permission to live.
Live our dreams.
Bring to light our inspiration.
Follow the path put before us.
Love those who are sent our way.
Honor the life experiences we have had.
Enjoy the fruits of our labor.
Give glory to the Divine, the creative potential within.

Even those who say they do not believe, believe.
Even those who are angry about injustice, want to do something.
Even those who claim they have nothing to give, long to be of service.
Each one of us has a glorious part to play in the Grand Mystery of Life.
To follow our heart is to seek what flows freely from us.
Often unnoticed and usually unappreciated, we all have something to share.

I invite you to join me in listening deeply within you.
Watch closely at what you give everyday in thought and word and deed.
What motivates and inspires you?
What makes your heart sing and your mind go still?
What peaks your interest and fills you with enthusiasm?
What lights your path and opens doors?
What inspires ideas and gives your imagination fuel for thought?

This world is not about making money…it is about feeding you soul.
This world is not about having fame and fortune…it is about finding the Goodness within.
This life is not about surviving…it is about helping everyone thrive.
This life is not about being safe and secure…it is about ensuring every child’s safety and self esteem.
This life is not about greater accomplishments..it is about the greatness of our everyday creations.

When you begin to appreciate who you are, you will see why you are here.
When you enjoy living your life, you will see the joy your life brings to others.
When you love what you give, you will give more of what you love.

Do less and enjoy more.
Seek no one more to love, and love those on your path more perfectly.
Ask for nothing more until, you have fully appreciated all you have.

I am loving us all as One,
Betty Lue

Together, are we not One Sun and one light and one Joy for all to see the way of Love?