Sunday, February 29, 2004

You Are Loved

When you know you are loved, it is natural to be loving.

If you are loved conditionally, you would learn to love conditionally.
If you are limited and criticized by one who claims to “love” you,
you would believe love is judgmental and restrictive.
If you experience neediness and dependence from those who “love” you,
you would love others by being dependent and needy.
We learn about “love” by observing and experiencing those who say they “love”.
We are imprinted with those behaviors, thoughts and feelings we receive as infants and children.

To forgive the past is to let go of these definitions of love.
To love unconditionally is to experience and extend love without conditions.

To know the love of a freeing and trusting God, parent, or wholly loving person is to have the experience and to then unconditionally love others.
True Love can be learned and grow one by one.
Spiritual experiences of an All-Loving Creator give us a model of Love that does not judge.
Love is not critical.
Love never ends.

I am here to be truly helpful.
I am here to bring the Love I have been given.
I don’t have to worry about how to be loving, because Love is who I Am.
I am happy to be wherever I am guided knowing that Love is always with me.
I remember my wholeness and happiness, as I let the Love teach me to encourage wholeness and happiness in others.
(This is my interpretation of the Healer’s Prayer in Course in Miracles.)

You are loved, whether you know it or not.
As you let go of judging your own worthiness,
As you forgive all your mistakes,
As you quiet your mind and listen within,
You will hear and know You are deeply and profoundly loved.

God Loves you and so do I.
Betty Lue