Thursday, February 05, 2004

Work or Play?

Is life work for you?
Do you focus on struggle, sacrifice, effort, achievement?
Are you dedicated to getting everything done?
Do you measure success by what you accomplish?
Are you caught in not wanting to be “lazy”?
Is there never enough time to do the things you really enjoy?
Are you serious, dedicated and responsible?
Do you do what you do because of duty and obligation?
Do you work to provide and be financially secure?
This is the “adult” and adulterated way of living.
This is considered mature, responsible and fiscally sound.

Is life an adventure?
Do you focus on fun, enjoyment, relaxing, and letting it be?
Are you dedicated to enjoy every day in every way?
Do you measure success by your happiness?
Are you willing to relax, play your part and trust in the outcome?
Are there always things to enjoy and limited time to “work”?
Are you fun-loving, spontaneous, and able to respond to whatever comes up?
Do you do what you do from a place of freedom and trust?
Do you work to express yourself and fulfill your inner calling?
Do you trust your needs will be provided for when you give freely of yourself?
This is the “innocent” and natural way of living.
This is usually considered, childlike, irresponsible and financially crazy.

To experience life fully, there must be a freedom, awareness and enjoyment of what is.
To win the “adulterated” game, there must be worry, restrictions, discipline, planning and hard work.

Often children are taught:
There is a right way to live.
There are rules to win by.
There is a lot to accomplish.
Only hard workers succeed.

When we explore life’s experimental laboratory, we discover:
There is no “right” way to live. It is simply our choice.
There are different rules for everyone, which we make up as we go.
There is nothing to do, except for the sheer joy of doing something.
Success happens by the beliefs we hold…luck, work, vision, affirmation, support, fate.

For me, work is my play and play is my work.
If I don’t enjoy what I am doing, something is wrong with my choice or my thinking.
I choose to be happy. Happiness and freedom are success for me.
What is it you see for yourself? You can always choose again.

Your loving reminder,
Betty Lue