Monday, February 16, 2004

What is Real?

As I returned to my place here in California, I noticed that not very much feels “real”. As I do the laundry, prepare breakfast and clean the house, I feel more grounded and create a relationship with what I touch or look upon. “Out of sight, out of mind” must mean that it is through seeing that we keep what we believe alive. And yet they feel vaguely emphemeral or illusive. I am not really here or there… still drifting in the in between place in my consciousness. We all choose the reality in which we live. We give meaning to what we see through our learned beliefs. Even our perceptions are colored by our remembered history.

So what is real? Only LOVE is real. Everything else is illusion.
Only the energy of life, creativity and flow is real. Everything else is changing.
How I interact with my mind and body, as well as my thoughts and feelings is my choice.
How I see my world, my home, my work is an outcome of my choice, my judgment and beliefs.
How I live and give myself to others whom I perceive according to my beliefs is totally up to me.
When I live with a focus on serving Good, I perceive the Good I am here to serve.

Everyday I give meaning to my life.
Everyday I choose to live and love and laugh.
Everyday I wake up to explore the experiences and relationships I have chosen to create and sustain.
Everyday I can choose the emotions I have and the work I do.
Everyday I am free to love you and remind you of how wonderful it is to be alive and in love.
Everyday I have given myself a wondrous opportunity to discover the limitlessness of this creation.
I am learning how simple my life is….to remember Love.

Loving You is Real for Me,
Betty Lue