Monday, February 23, 2004

Past Regrets

Mistakes are made.
Time moves on.
One experiment failed cannot mean don’t try again.
Unrequited love does not mean to never love.
Gifts given and unappreciated does not teach to never give.

Life is an obstacle course to strengthen our resolve to do what in the moment is the calling of our spirit.
We must listen and honor what we “know” with our heart.

Much of our lives is spent in listening to the egoic or selfish self.
We heed the voices of what others do, what we were taught, what authorities say or friends advise.
And yet each time we miss, we question the wisdom of our choices.
Somewhere along the line se stop and llisten deeper.
What is the greatest gift I have to give?
What can I do to serve the greater good?
How can I listen to what has heart and meaning for me and serves the Good of All?

Forgiveness is a gift of spirit to begin again.
Forgiveness invites us to let go with love.
Forgiveness opens the door to our higher mind.
Forgiveness absolves the self doubt and guilt.
Forgiveness encourages us to listen deeper.
Forgiveness is the reminder to trust.
Forgiveness is the opening to being fully present.
Forgiveness is the joy of being.
Forgiveness is always remembering to Love no matter what.

I am loving you.
The mistakes we make are simply opportunities to learn what we really value, what we really want.
Be grateful for all the mistakes and you will learn more and listen more and Love more.
I am grateful that under all mistakes is the invitation to Love more.

Betty Lue