Sunday, February 15, 2004

Make Every Day Loving!

How do we remember Love?
How do we share Love?
How do we celebrate Love?

We spent the last week on Maui, and I discovered what I missed most was connecting with you through these Loving Reminders.

We were called to take the trip to bring our granddaughter home to her Papa after a two week stay with her Mom. She was more than ready, while she thoroughly enjoyed the water, snorkeling, sea life and fun connections with new people. She talked with us about coming home where she would live forever with her Dad. She was so excited to come home again to what was familiar and so loved.

I understand how she felt. While I have had the joy of visiting Hawaii several times and truly enjoy the people, the sun and water, the incredible natural beauty and slower pace, I noticed how there is so much contentment in just doing what I am called to do everyday—from preparing meals and cleaning house to morning email reminders and counseling, coaching and classes. This is my joy, and my life. I find it truly an awesome gift to be with you and each one who comes my way.

My life is a vacation from fear and worry and stress everyday.
When life is on purpose there is no need for vacation.
When life is constant loving relationships there is no need for one special day.
When life it an outpouring of inspiration, there is no need to seek for more.
All is present in each and every moment.
I am needed to be here loving you and me.
I am needed to be where I am to fully appreciate and enjoy what is here.
I am needed to be happy with what I have, not seeking more.
I am needed to be at peace, releasing all conflict in my mind.
When I fulfill my function right here and now, I am at home.
I am in Love. I am at peace.
I receive the bounty of abundant living.
I am in Joy.

Loving You,
Betty Lue