Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Life Happens

Yes, stuff happens to all of us.
The more you risk, the more you experience.
The more public you are,
the more expressive you are,
the more you step out of your comfort zone,
the more you dare to love and laugh and let go,
the more you are honest,
the more you give freely,
the more you step into new and unfamiliar territory,
the more richly you experience life.

The more you stay comfortable and safe, the less you experience of learning, loving and living.

So when stuff happens…
When you lose or fail, when you are criticized or judged, when you find difficulties in your way, when people leave, when you feel hurt or shamed, what do you do?

The joy of life is found in living fully and abundantly.
The ecstasy in life is found in being free.
The growth in life is found in being challenged and overcoming obstacles.
The healing in life is found in changing your mind and living by your spiritual principles.
The strengthening in life is found in never quitting on love.

When life happens, it is futile to try to analyze, explain, justify, figure out, resent, resist, build defenses and protect yourself. It merely sets up fear of more pain, adjusting to other’s expectations and playing it safe by conforming.
When life happens, let go.
When life happens, forgive,
When life happens, love more
When life happens, look for the gift.
When life happens, trust in the intrinsic Goodness in all things.

Everyone is learning.
Listen within.
Follow your Inner voice.
Let life happen.
And enjoy the healing, learning and growth along the way.

Loving you,
Betty Lue