Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Letting Go for the Lent

Tomorrow is “Ash Wednesday” or the first Day of Lent. In many Christian traditions it means time for a personal sacrifice to better relate with the “sacrifice” of Jesus. For me, it is the season for letting go and plowing under limiting patterns, unhealthy habits and negative thinking that poison our consciousness to heal our body and soul.

As we prepare for spring and the planting of seeds of possibility for this year, begin by tilling the soil of our unconscious errors of omisison and commission. Be grateful for all you have learned from the past and forgive and bless those experiences which you have judged. The Lenten season is a reminder to release the old, to let it die and allow the new birth or resurrection of spring. With our focus on the negative stories, the pain and suffering, the mistakes and sins of the past for ourselves and others, we are merely maintaining, sustaining and replanting the same for this year. Where we place our focus, there we experience a harvest and repeat what we claim to want to release. It is time to plow the fields of our mind and plant the seeds of Divine Will. When we say” Not my will, but Thy Will be done.”, we are affirming our willingness to relinquish our petty selfish and pleasure-seeking habits to allow for compassionate service and truly healthy choices for the Good of All.

The crucifixtion and punishment of ourselves and others yields only more images of judgment, fear, pain and suffering. Our focus on what is wrong yields more guilt and shame, more punishment and retribution and ironically supports repeating the same errors. Guilt does not heal or create better choices. The message of the Easter story is found in the new life, renewed Spirit, endless Love and the Presence of Possibility, Power and Peace in total forgiveness. We are saved from our mistakes by ceasing all judgment and choosing to honor the calling of spirit within. When we see the Essence, we know the call for Love in all mistakes. When wqe listen for spirit, we know we are here to be helpful. When we forgive all mistakes and “sins”, we trust that all things work together for Good and for God.

Experiment with letting go of what no longer serves your wholeness, goodness and loving contribution to your family, community and world. Begin by clearing out just one obstacle to peace of mind or one distraction to being fully present for loving service. Create the space in your consciousness where new possibilities can enter. Sit and be still for 10 minutes a day. Seek higher Vision. Make notes on the spirit guided pictures, ideas or words that come. Make room for your renewed spirit by letting go of some ancient guilt, fear, hatred or avoidance. Release an addiction or habit to pleasure your senses rather than quiet your mind. Be aware of how much your cultural programming supports your not being fully present and available for living and giving abundantly. Let go and allow your whole life to be changed for the better.

“Be not conformed to this world, but rather be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”
Remember when you mind is full of clutter and useless thinking, you will experience a life of clutter and useless stuff.

Loving you by letting go daily,
Betty Lue