Wednesday, February 04, 2004


True intimacy is union, being transparent, seeing into me.
When there is no fear, it all is clear and we are near like unto One of us.
Love has no barriers. It is the realization of our oneness.

And when I judge me, I judge you are judging me, too.
I am separate from myself and can only see you as separate from me as well.
What is “wrong” with me becomes that part I don’t want you to see.
And when I have truly forgiven, I am in love and loving of my Self and All.
When I come to wholly Love the One I Am, there is nothing I keep separate from you or me or God.

These Loving Reminders are a transparency through which we all can come to see ourselves.
When we resonate with words and deeds of Love, we are united in that sacred place of Holy Relationship.
When I am seen as being special, different, or better than you, my work seems special to you.

And yet, I am that which you are.
I am what you may seek to be, which you perceive in me.
My words, my art, my love are also in you and greater works shall you do.
For when you are being You and I am being me, and all are free, every part is being played perfectly.
The healing and return to Love is complete.
Each one of us plays an instrument in the orchestra of God.
We hear and respond with our individual part. We play in harmony, in descant, in affirmation, in echo, in response to what we hear and see and know in our heart and mind and Soul.
We love and respond.
We love and flow.
We love and unite.
We love and let go.
We love and laugh.
We love and cry.
We love and sing.
We love and share.

In true intimacy, there is only this Holy instant, this moment now, when we realize we really are One.
In true intimacy, there are no secrets, for there is no shame and no guilt.
In true intimacy, there is no neediness and no regret.
In true intimacy, all is forgiven for all is gift.
In true intimacy, I see you and you see me and we are Love.

Loving you, forever,
True B’Lue