Friday, February 13, 2004

Creating Our Experience

We are creative.
We are created to be creative.
We learn from creating our experience of life.
We may not like what we create.
We may feel guilty and blame it on the weather, our parents, partner or God.
We may try to hide, feel guilty or scared of our ignorant creative potential.
Wish it and there it is. Think it and it comes to us. Whisper a name and they call. Believe and what we believe appears.

As I watch with amusement the canvas of my life, I notice this wondrous opportunity to undo anything that is not wholly true for me. With no attachment, I can erase and release what is not highest and best for all. There is so often judgment and guilt surrounding spilled milk, an emotional reaction, an innocent question asked which offends, an answer given which does not please the questioner. We may be judged, ridiculed and punished for our errors, as we explore this land of ultimate possibility and creativity. Gradually and sometimes immediately, we curtail our creative potential. We shut down our vision, our imagination, our open mind and loving heart. Sometimes, we even shut down life itself.

How can it be that what was created to be the land of infinite opportunity can be used to judge and fear and limit so many beautiful unlimited expressions of God’s Love.

There is no RIGHT WAY to Love.
There is no mistake that cannot be undone.
There is no permanent harm except for those who hold the error in judgment, fear and resentment.
There is no punishment except for those who seek to punish themselves or be punished to clear the guilt.
All ways lead home.

The more aware of infinite love we are, the more we know no one is guilty, the more we release our belief in pain and punishment, the more we are free to be truly helpful and wholly loving.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Feel free to admit your errors. Ask for the most loving and healing release of all errors in your mind. Forgiveness is the spiritual gift of recognizing there was no harm. Everything is a lesson God would have us learn. There is no harm. The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.

Loving you,
True B’Lue