Friday, February 06, 2004

Being Present

When we are fully present, we are seeing what is.
We are experiencing what is now.
We are able to fully enjoy the moment.
We give the gift we are.
We receive the gift that is given.
We see all things as a reflection of ourselves.
We breathe deep.
We know we are whole.
We see all the Good that God is.
We trust all is well.

When we are present, we are the gift.
When we are present, life reflects the gift of ourselves.
When we are present we experience only Love.
When we are present, we are free and happy.
When we are present, we are at peace.

Only in yesterday and tomorrow, an illusion that we have made up, do we compare, evaluate and judge.
Only in the mirage of time do we believe what is is not good enough.
Only in our minds do we imagine what is not real.

I forgive myself for not being wholly present.
I forgive myself for images I have made.
I forgive myself for forgetting only Love is real.
I forgive myself for not enjoying the experience I have created.
My mind automatically erases all that is not wholly true and wholly loving.
I am happy and free and at choice right now.

Loving you and loving me,
Betty Lue

Gone for a week for reflection and visioning and to pick up Gia. Postings should continue on this website. Personal email to you will resume on 2/16.