Sunday, January 11, 2004

Whole Self Renewal

Love makes all things new.
You are Love created for the purpose of Loving.
Where are you to begin? With You, of course.
Love created You from Love as Love for Love.
The most awesome gift you will ever receive is your Self.
Your gift to your creator is to love the gift you have been given.
So Love You and You shall be made new again and again.

To renew your whole and holy Self is to let go of everything that is not whole, true and loving of you.
Be aware.…
What is not good for you?
What scares you?
What limits you?
What distracts you?
What confuses you?
What drains you?
What is no loving you?

What is best for you?
What assures you?
What frees you?
What focuses you?
What clarifies for you?
What fulfills you?
What loves you?

Life is filled with opportunities for unconsciousness and forgetting.
How do you remind yourself of what is true?
How do you remember?
How do you keep loving you?
How to you stay in love?

Wherever you are not loving you, you are off path.
Wherever you are upset, you are off purpose.
Wherever you are losing energy, you are following a mistaken source.

Loving you by loving me.
Reminding you as I am reminded.

Betty Lue