Sunday, January 18, 2004

What Is Love?

Love is energy.
Love is creative.
Love is eternal.
Love is healing.
Love flows.
Love extends.
Love cannot be destroyed.
Love never ends.
Love is all there really is.

Love is not an emotion.
Love is not temporary.
Love is not earned.
Love is not erased.
Judgment, fear, anger, hurt may hide the awareness of Love.
Love can be forgotten.
Love may be misunderstood.
Love is sometimes overlooked.
Some say, God is Love and Love is God.
In this world, we often block the awareness of Love’s Presence.
Love is real no matter what may be the appearance.

Forgiveness is a tool which can be used to clear our perception.
Forgiveness can erase our judgments.
Forgiveness can clear our fear.
Forgiveness can remove our self-made obstacles to the awareness of Love’s Presence.
Forgiveness is our Holy work.
Forgiveness is the path to peace and understanding.

I forgive myself for limiting my perception.
I forgive myself for fearing Love.
I forgive myself for forgetting to Love.
I forgive my world for teaching me Love is unsafe.
I forgive myself for hiding the Love in me.
I forgive myself for letting anyone or anything keep me from Love.

I am Love created by Love for the purpose of being Love.
Betty Lue