Sunday, January 25, 2004

Life Is A Full Time Job

Staying on track requires my full time intention.
Taking impeccable care of me requires my total investment.
Being completely honest with myself and others requires absolute vigilance.
Staying connected and attuned to Spirit asks nothing less than full commitment.
Life is a full time job.

Abundant living requires abundant investment.
Total healing asks total focus on wellness and wholeness.
Unconditional love demands loving myself without withhold, judgment or condition.
My life asks nothing less than to commit, forgive and give my All.

How could I possibly have time to tell others what to do?
How could I imagine I know what is best for you?
How can I take time away from what Spirit is guiding me to do to tell you what to do?
The best I can do is remind you of what I need to remind me, so that I remember.

In other words, relationships are all opportunities to hear ourselves and see ourselves and trust ourselves and believe ourselves and affirm ourselves and commit to ourselves and to love ourselves and to forgive ourselves and to befriend ourselves and to teach ourselves and to learn from ourselves and to unite with ourselves and to heal ourselves and to free ourselves to be ourselves.

I love reminding me of what I need to remember. Thank you.
Betty Lue

In Kalamazoo, Michigan from Jan. 29-Feb. 1, with gratitude and love.