Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Life is Changing...... Are You?

As I watch our world transform, I see masculine energies closing down, needing a respite from long overuse and abuse.
I see the feminine being called forth in a surge of earnest longing for healing, for recognition of the Earth, the Mother, the Love we are. Where the masculine and feminine unite, there lies creation, insight, vision and great joy and peace. Where we resist, judge and fear the apparent polar opposite, there is depletion, disintegration, limited perception, depression and often fear and violence. (Read the best seller, DaVinci Code).

Over the years I have often spoken about and referred to what I have called the spiritual leadership of the feminine. There is a calling forth of the feminine Christ, a hunger for the missing piece of our holy selves. The Holy Grail refers to plugging into that which is wholly Loving, sipping of the cup of profound inner peace.

How do we claim what we have not named?
What is the place in your life that is missing?
Where are you bereft and in grief?
Where are you angry and afraid?
What do you seek and hunger for?
What are you doing to complete the whole of your life?
What are you offering to yourself that will fulfill your hunger?
How can you give to others when you have not fully given to yourself?
What would it take for you to be fulfilled and enlightened?
How do you hide the light from your life?
Where do you withhold love from yourself?

Where you have needs, fill them.
Where you seek Love, clear the fear of finding it.

Love yourself Holy and Love will wholly Love You,
Betty Lue