Thursday, January 08, 2004

Interdependence Anyone?

I have wandered around this world seeking to play the game of life with those who would let Spirit lead.
I have tried following and leading, teaching and learning, giving and receiving, listening and staying silent, watching and participating, talking and encouraging.
I have created and destroyed, built up and let go, created safe havens and moved on, been enthused and disappointed.
Life is an amazing place of realization of the Self We Are, the One I Am.

You can’t push the river.
No matter how much I see us all working together as one family, joined in vision and purpose, honest and true, equally giving and receiving, committed to the Highest good for All, and totally responsible and able to respond to what is being called forth, the reality of this Vision is not yet it seems. Is this true? Are you seeking for interdependent spiritual partnership?

Stages of Development for the Children of God, the peoples of this Earth

Dependence. This stage is necessary for infants dependent on their parents for nourishment, learning and love. So it is for those in spiritual infancy. We need to be told and shown what to do. We want to know what is right and what is wrong. We need to be given to until we recognize we are whole. We seek and suckle. We give only to get what we want.

Independence. This stage is the separation from the apparent Source of our survival, identity, happiness, livelihood and direction. We often hate, run away, resist, criticize and try to abolish those we have depended on. We seek control, perfection and winning the game of life. I don’t’ want you to tell me what to do, I want to do it myself. Me, first. All I have is mine to do with as I want.

Interdependence. This stage is reached when there is self-actualization, completion and fulfillment of our self-initiated attempt to be something and achieve what we have designed for ourselves. There comes a time when we are complete and seek for Union with God, in living in and giving to the Highest Good, in being One with All. In this stage we connect with an inner calling to play our part with a fullness of Spirit, seeking nothing and giving All. The journey looks like many separate travelers all headed home. To love, support and encourage one another is natural, as we are the family of God. Whatever I can do to help and support you is a gift to us all.

Recognizing and accepting where you are brings peace and understanding.
Honoring and valuing your place in the wheel of life encourages trust in the process of humanity.
Be fully where you are with respect and gratitude and you will open the flow in your own spiritual development.
Where we are stuck is where we judge.
Where we appreciate and bless is where we grow.

I Am Who I Am,
Betty Lue