Monday, January 26, 2004

The Healing Power of Prayer

Four points were discussed by the author of this book on Hour of Power.
These feel important to pay attention to for all of us.

Prayer brings us close to God.
Within the prayerful relationship we experience intimacy with God.

Prayer changes us.
It helps to clarifies our priorities as we release unforgiveness and open to love, thus, experiencing what is real and of value.

Prayer enables the body to heal itself.
When we are in prayer we relax, quiet the fearful and judging mind and open to the natural healing energy of God.

Prayer releases God to perform miracles. The prayerful person lets go of fear and resistance and allows faith to release the healing energy. With faith in God, we are healed in mind. With peace, the natural flow of healing energy brings balance and healing to the body.

In prayer we may come from need and demand, to wishful thinking and bargaining, until we reach the moment of letting go of our misperceptions and fears to allow what is the Highest Good to be done through God. Not my will but Thine be done.

When you pray with all your heart and mind and soul, you know that God is at work in you.

Praying for forgiveness of all that is untrue and unloving,
Betty Lue