Thursday, January 15, 2004

Giving Your Gifts

When you share your wisdom, extend your love and radiate joy, be aware of your attachment to the response.
Are you giving to get something in return?
Are you giving to enjoy the gifts you give?
Are you giving just because it flows freely and naturally?
Are you giving to spread the love and Light you are?
Are you giving to make sure others get it?
Are you giving to appreciate the gifts you have?
Are you giving to yourself?

When I wait to be appreciated, acknowledge or affirmed, I am attached to the outcome.
When I wish others would “Get it”, I am attached to their response.
When I want my contribution to make a difference, it matters to me how I am received.
When I get hurt or offended, resentful or withholding, I am at the effect of the other.
And those with whom we are in relationship can feel our attachment.

When others feel conditional giving, they become conditional in their response.
When others feel our caution and withholding, they too become cautious and withholding.
When others fear their response will hurt our feelings, they often separate and avoid intimacy.
When others feel guilty about causing us pain, they often become fearful and distance themselves.

How attached are you to the reception of the gifts you give?
How affected are you by the response to your gifts?
How much do you need others to accept and appreciate?
How much do you take very personally the way others treat you?

What is true?
Others give what they have to give.
Others respond according to their current or fear.
Others are a reflection of parts of the self.
Others often are calling for forgiveness and love.
Others are often playing the part of some unhealed experience from our own history.
Others often are unconscious and ignorant about how to respond differently.
Others are often getting a mixed message about what we really want from and with them.
Others represent opportunities for healing.

Celebrate every upset, disappointment, and emotional button that is pushed.
It shows you what is calling for clearing, forgiveness and healing in you.
Be grateful for the opportunity to see and feel what needs to heal from within.
When we are filled with light and love, there is only light and love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue