Monday, January 12, 2004

Forgiveness Restores

Love makes all things new again.
Love makes relationships new.
Love makes the world new.
Love makes our bodies new.
Love is the absence of judgment, criticism, resentment, anger, hurt, woundedness, regret, fear and all those emotions, energetic clouds of inter-fearance.

If you imagine that emotions are temporary blocks to the awareness of the presence of Love, then you might trust that underneath, and in Truth Love is always present beneath those clouds. The illusion of judgment and fear is supported by our misperceptions which are distortions of what is present. Without judgment we would see things as they are without comparison, categorization and reference to past experience. “Ahhh… that is interesting? How amazing! Wonder-full!” would be our response to what is.

Forgiveness is the grand restorer.
Forgiveness is a mental and emotional eraser.
Forgiveness clears our vision.
Forgiveness seeks to see what is.
Forgiveness knows not what anything is for.
Forgiveness restores all to its natural state.
Love is our natural state.
Peace is our natural state.
Wholeness is our natural state.
With forgiveness and Love we see all things new again.

Just imagine what would be your experience if all things were new again.
Just imagine if you would see what is without fear and judgment.
Just imagine how you life would be if you were in love all the time.
Just imagine how beautiful, good and whole you would see all your creations.
Just imagine.

Loving you always new,
Betty Lue