Friday, January 16, 2004

Everyone is Our Teacher

The age of gurus is past. The time of inner reflection and direction has come, for those who are willing to take responsibility for their own lives. It is easy to give credit and blame to someone else for the life you experience. It is easy to allow others to lead your parade. It is easy to ride through life on the “destiny” or “luck” train, but it takes willingness to be conscious and responsible to know you are choosing your destination and even the experiences you have along the way.

All my life I have seen everyone as equal…the infant and my great grandma, both rich and poor, expressive and quiet, educated and simple. I have learned from everyone. I love to learn, therefore I observe. I listen. I explore, I wonder. I reflect. I experiment.
Life is my teacher. As you live your life and allow me the privilege of learning from you and through your life choices, I can more easily see and follow the path of my choice. I choose light. I choose joy. I choose helpfulness. I choose freedom. I choose peace. I choose wonder and delight. I choose respect. I choose what is for the Highest Good. I choose teamwork and togetherness. I choose independence and solitude. I choose forgiveness and love. I choose all these qualities because I have admired, appreciated and valued the lives of those who choose likewise.

I learn from those whose lives and choices I value and appreciate.
I learn from those whose lives and choices I prefer not to experience.
I choose to let go of what interferes with the values and life I choose.
It is simple. Follow the master whom you value.
Live the qualities you enjoy and prefer.

Whose life do you admire?
What do you appreciate in others?
What is the life experience you most value?

Let those who live this way be your example, the doormen to open the doors of possibility for you.
Choose and be responsible for your choices.
Forgive and let go when you have allowed someone or something to mislead you.
Simply choose again. Every mistake is an opportunity for a new choice.

Loving you,
Betty Lue