Saturday, January 24, 2004

Doubts Deplete

Wherever we doubt or fear, we decrease our energy.
Wherever we trust and love, we increase our energy.

When I allow negative thinking, I negate, dis-empower and dilute my positive energy.
When I forgive myself and return to positive thinking, I erase and release my mis-direction.

When I listen to the Voice Within, to my heart, to Holy Spirit:
Saying “yes” is choosing to trust and move ahead.
Saying “ no” is choosing to stop and move away.
Saying “maybe” is choosing uncertainty and waiting.

I observe that when I judge my choices, I am confirming that I cannot trust myself.
I am affirming, I doubt and disbelieve in myself.
When I make choices from a place of fear, those choices deserve questioning their value and validity.
When I make choices from a place of love, contribution and goodness,
I must believe in them to create them Good and Whole and Beautiful.
Creations and choices for the Good of All are to be believed, trusted, affirmed and enjoyed.

We are here to create what is good and beautiful and holy.
Even when there is an apparency of difficulty, I must look to see the gifts, the helpers I meet, the people I call on, the lessons I learn, the opportunities to grow in faith or the encouragement to write this Loving Reminder.

Everything given to Spirit will be used for Good, my Good and the Good of others.
Whenever I judge or condemn, fear or doubt and try to fix the situation myself,
I hold the outcome away from the Spiritual Good that I am to see, believe and experience.

I choose to give my life, my choices, my path and purpose, my relationship and finances, my health and happiness to God, to Good, to create the Highest Good for everyone everywhere.
I choose to give my life to be an instrument of peace, an inspiration of Joy and a reminder of Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue