Friday, January 23, 2004

Commitment to What?

Are you committed to anyone or anything?
What do you value so much that you will not quit?
What is important enough for you to forgive and begin again?
What do you value enough to let go of the past and be wholly present?
What do you love enough to trust the Divine Outcome no matter what?
What have you given your life to?
For what have you given your time, money and energy?
Why are you here?
For what or for whom do you live?
What is your life purpose?
How much of yourself do you bring to your place of value?
What do you hold back from making a Holy committment?

Committed to respect for all beings?
Committed to loving without condition?
Committed to keeping your agreements?
Committed to being your best?
Committed to being grateful?

Watch how your life changes dramatically when keeping your commitment to what really matters to you.

Commitment changes your life.
Commit to what is good and beautiful and Holy.

Committed to loving you,
Betty Lue