Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Balance and Integration

Finding ones balance requires standing up for oneself.
Being confident and clear requires living in integrity with one’s true values.

When I am clear, I can take a stand for what is true for me.
When I am serving others’ values, I lose a sense of my integrity, my self and my worth.

Is sustaining our relationships with others most important?
Or are we to use our relationships to discover our primary relationship with ourselves and our “God”?

When I listen to what you want from me, think about me or criticize in me, you become my God, my Source, my guidepost as to what to be, what to say and what to do with my life.
When I listen to what I want for me, what I believe about me, what I need to improve in me, I become the author of my own life.
When I listen to my Essence, my Creator, the inner voice, I am called to think and say and do what is for the Highest Good.

Who is the author of your life?
What is the source of your beliefs, values and current state of mind?
How do you listen within to find what is wanted and needed there?
What time do you take to honor your own calling?
How much are you invested in being here for yourself or for others?
Are you here to serve others needs, so they will not serve their own?
Are you here to serve your own needs so you will not need others?
Are you here to teach others to meet their own needs, as you model honoring your own path?

Where are you in relationship to God, to Self, to Source?
What does it look and feel like to be dependent on God?
What does it look and feel like to be dependent on yourself?
Is your life a tightrope or a freeway?
Does your life have a safety net or is this a death-defying adventure?
How can you find and maintain your balance on the tightrope of your life?
Do you have traveling companions or are you a lone pioneer?
What is it you are learning as you experience the pitfalls, along the way?

Wow, that self-reflection could take a lifetime….
And so it does.

What an awesome and wonderful journey!
Betty Lue