Monday, December 08, 2003

Tithing, Contribution and Giving

Give to what has heart and meaning for you.
Give to the Source of Your Good.
Give 10% or 20% or 50% of your time, money and energy to what inspires you.
Give wherever and however you are called.
Give with Joy.
Give freely and generously.
Give without conditions or expectations.
Give without needing approval or appreciation.
Give because it is your joy to give from your heart.
Give to people, organizations, concepts and inspirational resources.
Give with your energy, service and gratitude as well as money.
Give to yourself, your consciousness, your awakening, your daily spiritual connection.

The practical value of tithing is multifold.
Keep the flow going.
What inspires you needs to be inspired. Stoke the fire.
Where you put your attention grows and flourishes.
Keep the wellspring from which you receive healthy and strong.
Invest in your future.
Save for a rainy day in your inspirational bank account.
Retain seeds of inspiration for the next season of inspirational prosperity for you.
Bless what and who has blessed you.
Express your gratitude freely.
Know it all comes from source and returns to Source.
Learn the value of conscious stewardship. Contribute to what you value.
Spending 10% or more of your time inspiring you will always lead to more inspiration.
Spending 10% of your energy inspiring you will lead to more energy.
Spending 10% of your money inspiring you will lead to more productivity and creativity.

Tithing woks. It is practical and effective.
Pay attention to what prospers you and lifts you up.
Give where it counts.

Inspired by you and these Loving Reminders,
Betty Lue