Thursday, December 18, 2003

Peace On Earth

When you want only peace, you will see only peace.
When you want only peace, you will be only peace.
When you want only peace, you will extend only peace.
When Peace becomes your only goal, you will live nothing else.

How does one create peace on earth?
Peace is an inside job.
Peace begins in my mind.
Peace is experienced when I forgive all errors.
Peace is an attribute of the mind.
Peace comes when my mind serves only the purpose of living and giving peace.
I invite, encourage and request my mind to hold only thoughts of peace.

In peace I am renewed.
In peace, I am at home.
In peace, I know God.
In peace I am loving and beloved.
In peace I am happy.
In peace I am free.

I now affirm:
I forgive everyone and everything all the time.
My mind holds only thoughts which are true and loving.
My mind thinks only what I think with God.
I am at choice and I choose peace.

Peace is my single goal….. the aim of all my living here..
the end I seek, my purpose, my function and my life. (from A Course in Miracles)

At peace with All That Is,
Betty Lue