Saturday, December 20, 2003

Listen Within

In your heart, you know.
When all judgments are laid aside, you can hear loud and clear the Voice of Love.
When you are at peace, you can ask and receive the clarity you request.
When you are at home, you can feel the Love within.
When you are unafraid, you will have faith in god and Good.
When the past is forgiven, you are perfectly guided in each moment.
When you rest in Love, you see all as loving You.

Life is a projection of our inner kingdom.
When our kingdom is filled with Light, we see only light.
When our kingdom is filled we Love, we extend only Love.

To clear you kingdom of the debris and clutter of the past, stop filling yourself with meaningless stuff.
Look around to see what is meaningless and let it go with blessing.
Listen within for what is real and true and lasting.

You are blessed. Your life is a blessing.
Thank you for the gift of YOU.
Betty Lue