Sunday, December 14, 2003


(Grateful to be moved and unpacked.)

As I am seeing what is not, I am reminded of what is.
As I am seeing the imperfections, I perceive the perfection.
As I am feeling the physical fatigue, I experience life energy.
As I am seeing how much is left to do, I see how much has been accomplished.
As I am seeing the carelessness of hired workers, I see how much they helped.
As I am seeing the too much “pink” walls, I see the warmth of this loving cocoon.
As I am seeing the money being spent, I see how generously I am willing to give.
As I am seeing myself get discouraged with stress and fatigue, I see my persistent trust and joy.

Within all clouds, there is not only a silver lining, but the golden glow of each new sun.
We are that sun (Son) shining for and with one another.
We can awaken each morning and each moment to the blessedness of now.
Always in now there is hope and faith and love.

I am loving you and me.
I celebrate us all endlessly.
I will not quit on what is true.
Betty Lue

Note: New office and new home addresses.

Betty Lue Lieber, Ph.D. MFT
Whole Life Coach, Therapist, Spiritual Consultant, and Interfaith Minister
Reunion Ministries
3274 Ptarmigan Dr. #1A, Walnut Creek, CA 94595
140 Mayhew Way Suite# 1000, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
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