Friday, December 26, 2003

Forgiving Eyes

When we perceive with forgiving eyes, our mind is clear and focused on seeing rightly.
When we see beyond this physical experience and perceive the Essence of everyone, we see as God sees.
We love as God loves.
We heal by seeing the holiness.
We teach by living what we know.
We give by giving only essential and ever lasting gifts.
We extend peace with peace in our own minds.
We express Joy by being free of anger and pain.
We offer Love by realizing the Love we are.
We are decisive as we allow the voice within to be our guide.
We are conscious as we are unclouded by fear and judgment.

The prerequisite for these gifts of Spirit is forgiveness.
Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves.
Forgiveness is about clearing our own being from the clouds of illusion.
Forgiveness ends all errors in our mind.
Forgiveness is a choice to stop judging our own miscreations.
Forgiveness is releasing our stuckness in the temporal.
Forgiveness is the freedom to choose again.

This temporary tool is highly effective in a world of human misperception and error.
When we have laid all judgment aside we will no longer need this tool.
For as long as we judge, compare, evaluate, figure out, defend, and think, we need the tool of forgiveness.

What a way to end 2003 and begin the new year!
Forgive everyone and everything for all time.
Forgiving all mistakes so we can freely choose again with God.
Betty Lue

Don’t forget an awesome New Year’s Eve PlayShop. Dec. 31 from 2-5PM
This is our gift to free ourselves to love more dearly, follow Spirit more nearly and create more purely day by day. Plan on arriving at 2PM to receive the full gratitude and vision. Bring light food to share if you wish. Our focus will be on personal healing of the past, freedom in the present and vision for the future.
Call 800-919-2392 if you are coming please. Only those willing to spiritually focus on the New Year will receive value. It is our 2004 gift to You. 3274 Ptarmigan Dr. #1A, Entry 19, Walnut Creek. Cell phone 707-321-0604.