Sunday, December 21, 2003

Foolish to be Fearful

In times of darkness, turn on the lights.
In times of sorrow, find someone to make happy.
In times of judgment, look for what you appreciate.
In times of lack, see all you are given.
In times of fear, open your heart to love.

The human learned personality and ego has learned that it is helpful to judge and realistic to be afraid.
People have taught one another to grieve, to suffer, to see what is missing and hate what is natural.
The spirit soars when we seek what is beautiful, good and whole.
The heart sings when we see what is loving and kind and truly helpful.
The mind creates when it is clear and happy and free.
Why would I choose to live in darkness, sadness, fear and resentment when I can choose to have happiness, love and light in my life?

If I only know what I have been taught, I may not realize I can choose to change my mind.
I f I believe only what others have shown me, I might think I have no other choice.
If I let the past teach me, I might try to protect and defend myself from the mistakes of myself and others.
If I only trust in what I can see and read, I might be stuck in repeating past experiences.

I can open to the unknown.
I can believe in miracles of love.
I can forgive and erase the past.
I can focus on God and Goodness.
I can perceive the beauty and Love within all things.
I can choose again.

It is foolish to be stuck, when I am at choice.
Betty Lue