Saturday, December 06, 2003

Energy Is Healing

Recently I made a quick list of all those elements that have a profound effect on one’s energy.

Exercise, T’ai Chi Chih and forms of Qi Gong, breathing, forgiveness, generosity, love, joy, humor, creativity, novelty, diet, productivity, fulfillment, choice, affirmation, appreciation, walking, nature, beauty, inner peace, stewardship, doing what you love, receiving another’s love, prayer, fulfilling a dream, giving and receiving blessing and more.

Whenever we open the flow of energy, we experience more love.
Whatever is judging and condemning constricts the flow of energy.
Whatever is forgiving and accepting opens the flow of energy.
Fatigue is caused by the use of our mind and body to defend, protect, limit and judge our lack of safety.
Energization is experienced as we open to trust in the abundance of the Beauty, Goodness and Love in our lives.
Wherever we are trusting and freeing, we open the flow.
Wherever we are suspicious and limiting, we shut down the flow.
Our mind is the governor of the flow.
We are sovereign in the use of our mind.
It may require practice to use your mind to your own benefit.
With disuse and laziness, we may allow past programming, media hysteria and mass consciousness beliefs to be at the controls of our thinking.
We now can forgive this all and choose again.

I choose to free myself from limiting and frightening beliefs.
I forgive myself for scaring myself.
I forgive myself for scaring myself.
Letting go of lack, littleness and limitation is fun, safe and easy for me.
I now choose freedom and trust.
I now choose love, forgiveness and healing.
I now choose abundant life.
I am filled with new life energy everyday.

Loving you,
Betty Lue