Monday, December 15, 2003

Endings and New Beginnings

Where we end one chapter of our life, we open to a new chapter.
Where one adventure is completed, another challenge may be around the corner.
Where one relationship is over, we prepare for the next.
When a part of us dies, we must allow for rebirth of a new self.
When we move on, we are to let go gracefully and move on.
When we say “goodbye” to the old, we awaken to the new.

Just as the sun sets everyday allowing for the completion of the days experiences, so we must be prepared for the sunrise in the morning after a time of respite and rest. The night (sometimes referred to as the dark night of the soul) is often seen as being a time of sorrow and grief, confusion and doubt, fear and regret. However, seen rightly, we might simply allow the void to be the time of breath, reflection, openness to the new dawn. Where we judge life’s events we tend to get stuck in the negative experiences. Or sometimes we get attached to the beautiful memories of what has been. Where we forgive and clear our judgments, we find solace and comfort as we await the birth of what is to come. When we let go with gratitude and celebration, we open not only to the blessedness of the past, but the gifts of the future.
Life cycles invite us to change and transform. Life events invite us to let go, to laugh and love again. Life’s opportunities open the way to easily release that which is decaying and to embrace that which is budding forth.

Suggestions for letting go with LOVE and moving on with JOY:
Say “good bye” with full appreciation for what has been.
Honor the ‘now’ moment for the gifts that it holds for you.
Appreciate every change in life.
Trust in the transformative process as we return to our natural state of wholeness.
Let go of everything to enter into the void. Be still and be at peace.
Acknowledge judgments and fears with true forgiveness.
Look forward to greater tomorrows.
Trust we cannot know the underlying purpose to what is given.
Be willing to accept that all things work together for Good.

We are ending the year 2003. Now is the time of great grief and a sense of dying for many.
December is a month of completion and forgiveness of where we may have erred.
Allow yourself to die to the old and await the new.
Rest when there is nothing to do.
Lay your fears aside by trusting in the Power and Presence that knows All, Loves All and Is All.

Loving and blessing us all as One.
Betty Lue