Saturday, December 27, 2003

Completion of 2003

When we ending a chapter of our lives, a relationship, a job, a vacation, it serves us to soak up all the best.
And bless and release the rest.
This year 2003 has been a year of challenges, accomplishment, change, opportunity and learning.
Take time to assess and fully receive the gifts of all aspects of life.
Reflect and journal for your own enhanced awareness.

What have I learned this year?
How have I grown and developed spiritually as well as in worldly ways.
What have I earned this year? Not just $$ but accomplishments and goals met.
What were my challenges and how did I meet them?
How have my relationships been improved?
What do I most appreciate about 2003?
What are the memories I will treasure?
How have I changed?
What opportunities have called me to say “Yes”?

How can I give my self more joyfully?
How can I learn more easily?
How can I live more peacefully?
How can I work more successfully?
How can I improve the quality of my life?
How can I walk with Spirit more truly?

Today I give thanks for the joy I feel in being fully alive, in being free to give, in being open to love.
Today I give thanks for All that I Am, All that I do and All that I have.
Today I give thanks.

Thankful for you,
Betty Lue


No email until December 31—Out of town with our mothers.
Taking them to the Palm Spring Follies and Glory of Christmas in Garden Grove, CA
Call if you have need 800-919-2392.

I am with you in Spirit always and all ways,
Betty Lue