Saturday, November 15, 2003

What do You Do With Your Stuff?

We all have 'stuff' to deal with.
Life is about learning how to deal with the stuff in life.
What you do with your stuff and how you deal with the stuff that comes up for you says a lot about how fun, safe and easy your life will be.

Some people bury their stuff.
Some people deny it.
Some people celebrate their stuff.
Others try to refine it.
Some people manifest more stuff.
Some intensify it.
Some people resist their stuff.
Some just criticize it.
Some people blame God for their stuff.
Some ask God to fix it.
Some people feel ashamed of their stuff.
Others just hide it.
What do you do with your stuff?

Do you contemplate your stuff?
Do you chew on it for a life time?
Do you try to categorize your stuff or justify it?
Do you enjoy your stuff?
Do you pray about it?
Do your treat it or affirm it?
Do you breathe through your stuff?
Do you transform it?
Do you embrace it and heal it?
Do you forgive it and a look for the gift?

If we define our identity by our stuff, why would we ever want to let it go?
Betty Lue