Monday, November 03, 2003

Time to Let Go and Flow!

Changes are here.
Life is to clear what is inter-fearing with our full self realization and inner peace.
Wherever you have attachment, let go.
Whatever is distracting, detouring and delaying let go.
Wherever you are confused and disillusioned, let go.
When you are hurt or in grief, let go.
When you have counted on an outcome, let go.
When you are angered or impatient let, go.
When you have judged or criticized, let go.

To be in the flow is to wholly let go.
Letting go asks of us our Trust in the Highest Good.
Letting go seeks to be free of what does not serve.
Letting go is a choice to be in love right now.
Letting go is a gift of mind to relinquish control.
Letting go really asks nothing and gives us everything.
However, the illusion is that in letting go we will lose everything.
Remember, what is meant to be yours always returns.
What is real cannot be lost.
What is a gift and a blessing can never leave. I
t is always with us as a gentle loving reminder of the Goodness and Love we are.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy So let go.

Letting go daily,
Betty Lue

PS This past week has been a time of trying on 3 new email systems and two new servers. Email lists hopefully will be in tact and full working order in another few days. Apologies for double mailings or none at all. Let me know if there is an error in your mailings and I will attempt to correct. Letting go and going with the flow. Always loving you.