Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Shift is Happening

Are you noticing changes within?
Are you seeing the unexpected in others?
Are you feeling the pull to express or heal ?
Are you being urged to create your life anew?
Are you being called to make amends?
Are you feeling feisty and assertive?
Are you needing to rest and renew?
Are you noticing the intensity in others?
Are you seeking the High Truth in All?
Are you aware of some inner shifts?

Some say, the veils are thinning between the illusion of duality and the
reality of unity.
Some say, these are the “end times” and some will ascend while others will
hold their course.
Some say, we are in a very dark period and need to remember the Light and
Love of God and Goodness within.
Some say, we can use this and all time as an opportunity to heal the past
and awaken to perfect Love in the present.
Some say, this is the time to wake up and take responsibility for all we are
and have and do by being fully conscious and at choice.

The possibility now, as in all time, is for us to awaken, to be open and
willing, to stay true to our Higher Calling, to live in Love and give with
Joy, that All might see and seek the Love of God within.

We are here now.
We are free now.
We have chosen now and can choose again.
Forgive what was and choose for what will be.


Bless you and your willingness to be free.
Betty Lue

This month of November is being designated as a significant time in human
consciousness. November 8th full moon eclipse and Nov. 23 Solar eclipse and
other dates as well. All is an excuse to show up, pay attention, tell the
High Truth and detach from the outcome.
Let Go with forgiveness, gratitude and blessing.
Let God and the intrinsic Goodness within All be the guide for our lives.
Blessed be all.