Sunday, November 30, 2003

Love, Simply Love

When we know not what to do,
When things seem to be unraveling,
When mountains are too high to climb,
When lost in depression and fear,
Just love, simply Love.

When traffic is bad,
When noise is all around,
When pollution is everywhere,
Love, simply Love.

When you have argued and fought,
When finances are out of control,
When kids are unhappy and crying,
Love, simply Love.

When you have worked long hours,
When your muscles are achy and tired,
When you are so tired you can’t sleep,
Love simply Love.

To Love is to trust.
To Love is to appreciate.
To Love is to seek the Truth.
To Love is to reach out.
To Love is to have faith.
To Love is to envision with God.
To Love is to listen with all your heart.
To love is to keep giving.
To Love is to know “This too shall pass”.
To Love is to enjoy every moment.
To Love is to find the humor.
To Love is to take impeccable care of You.
To Love is to forgive all judgments.
To Love is to be here now.
To Love is to stop the fear, anger, and tears by asking, “What else can I do with the life energy I have?”
To Love is to Let go. Open your heart. Vent in private. Expect miracles.

I am loving You,
Betty Lue