Saturday, November 08, 2003

Harmonic Concordance..

What is there to heal?
What is there to see?
What is this New World we are co-creating?
Where do you and I begin?

To bring harmony into our consciousness we must recognize and acknowledge where there is disharmony. To be in accord with our fellow beings and all life, we must confess our conflicts, hurts and resentments. To build a new way of being in relationship, we must clear the old, confusing and unhealthy ways.

Wherever there is pain is calling for healing.
Wherever there is fear, there is a call for love.
Wherever there is sorrow is a call for comfort.
Wherever there is war is a call for peace.
Wherever there is loneliness is calling for friendship.
Wherever there is hunger is a call for real nourishment.
Wherever there is hardship is a call for gentleness.
Wherever there is lack of purpose and meaning is a call for inspiration.
Wherever there is heartache is a call for forgiveness.
Wherever there is ignorance is a call for education.
Wherever there is attachment is a call for letting go.
Wherever there is sin is a call for spiritual redirection.
Wherever there is arrogance is a call for True knowledge.
Wherever there is fatigue, rest is being called.
Wherever we feel lacking is calling for living abundantly.
Wherever we feel little, we are called to recognize our magnificence.
Wherever we feel limited, is calling for us to be free.

You see, in the end, where there is a need, there is simply a call for loving intention and attention.
Listen within and you will hear how to respond to the Call.
Goodness is calling You. Listen and take responsibility.
You are free to respond, only when you are willing and able.

I am willing to be conscious.
I am willing to be responsible.
I am free to choose how to respond.

Loving you,
Betty Lue